​​Rave Reviews For The Temple Henty

" This audio drama is recorded with a state of the art sound that will make it seem like you are within the adventure yourself. My kids like to think of it as a movie going inside your head! As the sound effects and actors/actresses make the Christian audio drama come alive.

If you're wondering how you can use For The Temple in your homeschool let me give you a few suggestions!

One just for pure fun and enjoyment. It’s great to take on a road trip, or running errands, or even a family night. You won't be disappointed. While having fun they are learning history, geography, and some amazing character traits.

If you want to dig in deeper but not reinvent the wheel you could use the Study Guide. All the questions are laid out for you and you don't have to put anything together. The Study Guide is great for younger kids to have open discussions with them with all the questions in each chapter. This will work with older kids the same way.

If you have read any of my other reviews from Heirloom Audio then you know that they are one of our absolute favorite audio books and company. My kids actually stalk Heirloom Audio to see when and what the next one will be. I’m glad G.A. Henty has 122 books! I hope that is a sign that they have many more upcoming adventures for years to come. "

- Shaloom
Homeschooling Mom

​" One thing I absolutely love about Heirloom Audio’s productions is that they can be used strictly for entertainment, they can be supplemental to a lifeless history lesson, or they can be a springboard for a unit study all on their own. This reality couldn’t be more true for our family as we reviewed and entertained our own guests right in our living room this last winter storm. We welcomed Josephus, John of Galama, Jonas, Mary and all their acquaintances from Heirloom’s newest audio drama, For the Temple inside our warm abode for a bag of popcorn and a mug of hot cocoa.

This study guide is INCREDIBLE! I picture it being used as a unit study in our homeschool setting. I am imagining taking it on as a summer time project listening intently to one track a week and diving headlong into all the activities and areas of study and interest. "

​" An epic love story and daring feat of strength, courage and humility. One man’s love for his country, people and temple will take him on a quest to prove he has what it takes to be a leader in the midst of Roman brutality. And his faith will not waver even when death continually seeks him.

~Our family enjoyed listening to this exciting new audio For The Temple! At one point my 11-year old was so involved that he raised his arm to charge into battle, along with John & Jonas. It was definitely more intense than I had anticipated, and one must listen carefully to follow along with the story. What a remarkable way to learn Christian history!

Enhance a child’s learning and listening skills with Heirloom Audio’s For The Temple. This dramatic presentation is a fantastic way to provide creative imagery in their minds, as well as introducing them to history around the world.

I guarantee the entire family will be a captivated audience. AND breathing may be optional while listening! "

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